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Short Description:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is most commonly used by doctors and beauticians under the guidance of a doctor, as a method of removing body hair. The intense pulsed light hair removal process has become very popular due to its cheaper and faster process than laser hair removal. Scientists, equipment manufacturers, and practitioners have debated the effectiveness of intense pulsed light and laser hair removal, but generally agree that the results are about the same. It is also used to treat the skin in a process called photorejuvenation.

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The perfect combination of 3 types of IPL + SHR + Elight technologies on the same machine, with high power up to 3000w and flexible handle, helps the machine achieve efficient treatment, and is a good helper for spas and beauty salons.


The working principle of Elight(IPL+RF)&SHR machine:

The E-light system uses the latest technology. It combines optical (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) to provide satisfactory long-lasting results. Through this technology, customers can enjoy the results they want, regardless of their hair color or skin type.

SHR is an innovative treatment that uses a concentrated beam of light to destroy hair follicles. This means actually removing it from the root. Each light pulse is a very narrow specific wavelength of energy, absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. This process gradually heats melanin and hair follicles, effectively accumulating heat to destroy the hair for a long-lasting effect.


Scope Of Treatment

Speckle removal: remove fleck, chloasma, age pigment, sunburn, dermal spot, all kinds of pigment etc.

Hair removal: remove unwanted hair on the whole body;

Skin rejuvenation: whiten skin, clean and tighten pores, remove blackhead and smooth fine wrinkles

Remove Telangiectasis, red face, red speckle, red and allergic skin after face-lifting, bottle nose ect


Advantages and features

1.3 in 1 multifunctional machine with SHR+Elight+IPL;

2.Pure Sapphire crystal, much better penetrability;

3.Suitable spot size, 16*50mm for HR, 8*34mm for SR;

4.Super strong cooling system with semiconductor+wind+air keeps 12 hours continuous working;

5.Special custom-made 3000W strong power supply + 4 big Panasonoc capacitor;

6.Germany medical use handle pipe.

company profile
company profile
company profile
Beijing Nubway S&T Co. Ltd was established since 2002. As one of the earliest medical beauty equipment manufacturer in laser, IPL, radio frequency, ultrasound and high-frequency technology, we have integrated Research & Development, manu facturing, sales and training in one.

Nubway carries out production according to ISO 13485 standardized processes. Adopt modern management technology and streamlined manufacturing process, as well as a professional team responsible for production supervision, ensures high efficiency and high quality of production.

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