Painless 808 Soprano Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine with Big Spot

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Diode 808 laser professional permanent hair removal, suitable for face, body, arms, legs, bikini line, etc. Painless and more comfortable. Suitable for all skin types (including tanned skin).

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808 diode laser hair removal system is a new generation of laser hair removal device. The 808nm wavelength better absorbs melanin and minimizes the water absorption of hemoglobin or laser. And the penetrating power is stronger than ruby laser and alexandrite laser, which can effectively destroy the regenerated hair tissue. The 808nm semiconductor laser also has the advantages of simple structure, good curative effect, and low side effects. Chosen by more and more people.

808 (1)

1, 100% Germany imported Laser Stacks

2, Real sapphire Crystal, best cooling conduction

3, 12*20mm big spot size, with "IN-Motion" treatment method, fastest treatment speed

4, 755nm 808nm 1064nm triple wavelength, acheving best result for all hair types and all skin types

808 (2)

755nm for white skin (fine,golden hair removal)

808nm for yellow neutral skin (brown hair removal)

1064nm for black skin (black hair removal)

808 (3)

Treatment area:

Cheek hair removal / Neck hair removal / Back hair removal / Axillary hair removal / Cheat hair removal / Arm hair removal / Bikini line hair removal / Legs hair removal

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The Advantage of Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Fast:

10*20mm big spot size and 10 HZ repetition rate,and the "IN-Motion" intelligent mode to bring the fastest the treatment speed to 10shots per second, which will save much more time to do the treatment.

company profile
company profile
company profile
Beijing Nubway S&T Co. Ltd was established since 2002. As one of the earliest medical beauty equipment manufacturer in laser, IPL, radio frequency, ultrasound and high-frequency technology, we have integrated Research & Development, manu facturing, sales and training in one.

Nubway carries out production according to ISO 13485 standardized processes. Adopt modern management technology and streamlined manufacturing process, as well as a professional team responsible for production supervision, ensures high efficiency and high quality of production.

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