What is microneedle and what is its efficacy

In short, these tiny needles are used to pierce the cuticle on the most surface of the skin in a short time, so that drugs (whitening, repairing, anti-inflammatory and other components) can penetrate into the interior of the skin, so as to achieve the purposes of whitening, wrinkle removal, acne mark removal, acne pit removal and so on.
Efficacy of microneedles

1. Acne removal
According to scientific research, an inflamed acne on your face is equivalent to tens of millions of mites and bacteria. The skin tissue and excreta on your face block your pores, which is the main reason why acne cannot be eradicated. If you want to cure acne, you must open pores to solve the problems of blockage and inflammation. Microneedles can effectively open the skin channel and let acne products effectively penetrate into the deep layer of the skin.

2. Remove eye lines
Collagen is lost around the eyes, forming eye lines. It is necessary to stimulate the dermis to produce collagen, smooth eye lines, and promote eye metabolism, so as to metabolize melanin. Rollers, microneedles and electric microneedles can bring effective ingredients into the eyes, promote the reconstruction of eye fiber structure and collagen regeneration, and follow eye lines say bye bye!

3. Remove stretch marks
Most of the causes of stretch marks are the fracture of abdominal skin fibers. If you want to repair them, use single needle, pick needle, roller micro needle and RF micro needle ~ let the broken fibers reorganize and send high-purity collagen under the skin to promote the recovery and growth of fibers and weaken abdominal stretch marks!

4. Skin beauty
Collagen is the scaffold of the skin, which can restore the elasticity of the skin, which is equivalent to supporting the skin. Water light micro needle is used for effective supplement. One time water light micro needle = 4000 times of ordinary care.

Post time: Oct-13-2021