The fourth quarter of 2021 collective birthday party has arrived

We met the most beautiful you in the most beautiful years and experienced the ups and downs of growth with you. Happy birthday to everyone!!!


In order to enhance team cohesion, enhance the feelings among employees, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, Nubway holds a group birthday party every quarter, singing birthday songs and sending birthday gifts and good wishes to the birthday stars. Holding four large collective employees’ birthday parties a year has become the company’s special corporate culture, which has been unanimously praised by the company’s employees!


Leaders send blessings


The leader gave birthday roses

When the lights go out and the candles are lit, “Happy birthday to you…” When the familiar and beautiful melody is played, everyone sings the birthday song in unison, and the birthday stars close their eyes and make birthday wishes. It is the responsibility of an enterprise to care for employees and give them the warmth of home. Through such collective activities, employees can relax their mood, relieve pressure, and also enhance the communication between colleagues and harmonize their relationship.


A brilliant smiling face, a sincere blessing, a sentence of gratitude, in the harvest and blessing sound, will be a young and happy smiling face in memory frame. Insist on holding birthday parties for employees, attentively with emotional employees, cohesion and mobilization of employees work enthusiasm, achieved good results. Nubway creates a warm atmosphere for employees at work, allowing each employee to feel the warmth of the big family, reflecting the company’s care for employees; Nubway advocates happy work and happy life.

I believe that our birthday party will be better and better, more and more can let employees feel warm, better input into their work, with the enterprise further and further.

Post time: Dec-29-2021