Slimming instrument – choose an easy and convenient way to lose weight

Magnetic plastic uses the core hifem technology - high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology. The energy pulse of high-intensity electromagnetic wave hifem (high-intensity focused electronic field) xn each treatment stimulates 20000 strong muscle contractions, and this "muscle contraction" intensity and frequency can never be achieved through ordinary muscle exercise. High intensity muscle contraction will stimulate muscle growth and induce adipocyte metabolism.

H|emt technology the 100% grade limit muscle contraction of h|emt technology can cause a large amount of fat decomposition. Fatty acids are decomposed and discharged from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells. Fatty acid concentration is too high, so that adipocytes apoptosis, in a few weeks by the body's normal metabolism out of the body.

The muscle movement caused by high-energy focused electromagnetic wave and h-emt not only will not cause damage to other parts of the body or bones, but also can effectively strengthen abdominal or hip muscles, increase the number and volume of muscle fibers, not only make the body line more prominent, but also make the "Mermaid line" vest line "more obvious.

In principle, magnetic plastic is suitable for everyone, including many people who don't look fat but still have a small stomach, local fat, no muscles and tight skin.

Specific personnel 1. Women who need to increase muscle and change body shape - hip lifting, vest line, let women show graceful posture every minute 2. Men who need to increase muscle and change body - increase muscle, especially sculpture chocolate muscle 3. People who need to lose weight - both men and women are suitable, more suitable for busy office workers 4. Postpartum mothers (separation of rectus abdominis) - improve the shape of abdominal muscle and shape a flat abdomen.

The most difficult to lose is the fat on the back of the thigh. Magnetic plastic can easily create beautiful lines and show slender legs for you.

Post time: Oct-13-2021