Principle and treatment of hair removal with 808 semiconductor laser

Treatment principle:

The principle of 808 semiconductor laser hair removal therapeutic instrument is based on the theory of selective photothermal action. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength, energy and pulse width, the laser can pass through the skin surface to the root hair follicle of hair. Hair follicle and hair stem are rich in melanin. Melanin is distributed among the cells of hair bulb matrix and can transfer to the structure of hair stem. Laser can target melanin. After absorbing the energy of laser, the temperature of melanin rises sharply, resulting in the destruction of surrounding hair follicle tissue, removing hair and achieving the effect of hair removal. It is a desktop semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal equipment with high cost performance and the lowest cost performance in the world. Convenient maintenance the most convenient desktop semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal equipment with microchannel technology in the world.
Application scope of 808 semiconductor laser permanent depilator:
Permanently remove excess hair from all parts of the body, such as face, arm, back, chest, armpit, bikini line depilation, legs, etc

Treatment skills
1.Keep asking the patient’s feelings. Tingling is necessary, but it is necessary to prevent excessive treatment;
2.Light or partial overlap is allowed during treatment;
3.It is recommended to use the maximum light spot and tolerable energy density (postoperative adverse reactions must be avoided) to achieve the best therapeutic effect;
4.Sometimes, the repeated operation can be carried out with moderate energy density, which can also achieve the ideal effect while reducing the pain of patients.
808 depilator harm 808 depilator have side effects

808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument adopts 808 wavelength semiconductor laser technology. Adhering to all the advantages and characteristics of 808nm semiconductor laser, it creatively upgrades, improves and integrates the laser technology, so as to improve the hair removal efficiency, make the laser output energy more uniform, further improve the refrigeration comfort, greatly reduce the failure rate of laser instrument, and improve its service life The operating hand is also lighter and the depilation efficiency is improved.

Post time: Oct-13-2021