Emsculpt Neo builds muscle while burning fat

There comes a time in our lives when it gets harder and harder to achieve muscle tone, no matter how much we exercise or lift.So, I decided to try Emsculpt Neo, BTL’s latest technology to permanently build muscle and lose fat (and is taking over Instagram) to see if it’s worth the hype.
I turned to Dr. Clara Hurst, co-founder of my favorite skincare brand The Secret and owner of the Australian-based beauty clinic Blanc, to find out why this is happening – especially with with age.
“Natural levels of collagen and elastin start to slowly decline, causing the skin to sag easily. We also tend to lose subcutaneous fat (the fat stored under the skin) and experience a certain level of bone loss, which can lead to sagging skin,” He said. Sturt told me.Hormones also help build and maintain muscle challenges as you age.”That’s why it’s so important to build muscle regularly, especially as you age – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!”
Of course, not all aging people experience this problem.But in addition to hormones, sun exposure, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, smoking, pollution, and weight fluctuations can also cause skin to look sagging.
“Genetic factors also play an important role,” Hirst continued.”As they age, very thin people may experience more sagging skin compared to their peers. This may be due to a lower body fat percentage, as more fat under the skin makes it look smoother and softer! “Men also have an advantage because higher testosterone levels can make the skin appear thicker and firmer.”Because our skin is thinner and more prone to fine lines, the loss of skin elasticity in women may be more pronounced.”
To try out the technique, I went to VANA Laser Club, a local beauty clinic.With other devices available to reduce cellulite or cellulite, I was wondering about the idea of ​​investing in Emsculpt Neo versus other technologies?
Nicole Stern, founder of VANA Laser Club, told me: “Emsculpt Neo is the first FDA-cleared device on the market that is patented and combines electromagnetic energy with radio frequency heat to synergistically create more muscle and reduce fat. “No other manufacturer or company is producing, let alone demonstrating the same results. BTL has more than seven peer-reviewed publications and numerous clinical studies involving MRI, CT scans and histological data, scientifically Demonstrated their technical achievements.”
While I’ve had several energy-based beauty treatments over the years, I’m new to BTL as a brand.The company was founded in the Czech Republic 27 years ago and went public in the United States about a decade ago.”Emsculpt Neo was launched in April 2019 at the American Academy of Laser and Surgery Medicine, a major science show highlighting recent innovations. All genius brains pursue science and technology. We participated and presented Emsculpt Neo and published 5 A paper to introduce it,” shared John Ferris, VP of Marketing at BTL.
Emsculpt has undergone several iterations as technology has advanced over the years.The older version of Emsculpt Muscle only has HIFEM, which simulates approximately 20,000 hypermaximal muscle contractions during a 30-minute treatment.The results, the study found, resulted in a 16 percent increase in muscle mass and a 19 percent decrease in fat, resulting in a leaner, firmer treated area.
The Emsculpt Neo version is built on the premise of building muscle and burning fat at the same time.”This is the first time these two technologies have been combined,” Ferris explained.The platform utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology and BTL brand HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy.”It’s pulse changes and configuration plus radio frequency synchronization. It provides unparalleled results. Irrefutable studies using MRI, ultrasound and CT scans have proven that this machine produces more muscle and loses fat.”
I decided to treat my stomach and inner thighs.Treatments were given once a week for 30 minutes for 4 weeks.”The most popular treatment areas are the abdomen and buttocks,” Stern told me.”With four treatments, men and women saw less fat and more defined muscle. Their belly was slimmer and their core was noticeably stronger. The glutes were lifted and their outward reach enhanced. Emsculpt Neo just received FDA approval to treat Inside and outside the thighs and arms!”
Dealing with the stomach area is a breeze.It felt a little weird at first, but it mimicked about 20,000 crunches, so I was hoping to feel something.My result is a visibly slimmer and more toned belly area.While the results on the inner thigh were equally impressive, the treated area was much more sensitive.Interestingly, even after the last treatment, it took an additional 5-6 weeks to see the full effect.”It’s the apoptotic effect,” Ferris explained.”Systemically speaking, it takes a long time to see maximum fat loss and muscle growth up to 12 weeks. I am very happy with my results and I will definitely be receiving treatments for other body parts in the future.
When I asked Stern about the demographics of her four South Florida locations, she told me that her current client base is 80% women and 20% men.”Although we are seeing more and more men looking to improve their professional abilities, whether it’s on the golf course or baseball field. Emsculpt Neo is a triple threat; safe, effective, and most importantly, based on science. We We believe it will remain the gold standard for fat loss and muscle gain for quite some time.” Ferris added: “We are about to make some big announcements. We launch a new device almost every year and we will continue to be Innovators in the market.” I’m excited to see what they come up with next.

Post time: May-06-2022