Emsculpt latest device combines two body sculpting treatments in one

If you’ve been following body sculpting treatments, you know that the latest non-surgical treatments are game-changing.They are fast and can provide clearly visible results for some candidates with zero recovery time (so you can go about your day as usual right after surgery).But the innovation doesn’t stop there.While most current body contouring devices are either designed to build muscle or burn fat during a session only, the latest beauty device, offers both in a single session.Meet Emsculpt.
Emsculpt is the first machine to combine two body sculpting procedures (fat removal and muscle conditioning) into one non-surgical treatment that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.Its muscle-conditioning : high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.”Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate high-frequency and intense muscle contractions in nerve roots” .
This deep stimulation allows the treatment to “challenge muscle contraction and development, which is not possible with pure voluntary movement”.According to the brand, one treatment alone can trigger about 20,000 muscle contractions.
The brand explains that excess fat cells are destroyed and eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processes.The process has been clinically shown to take about a month, with optimal results likely to occur in about three months.
As many Emsculpt customers have discovered within two years of its initial launch, the technology is reliable and effective.A clinical trial presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology showed that Emsculpt increased muscle mass by 25 percent and lost fat by 30 percent in 40 of 48 people who tried the treatment over three months.
The brand found that Emsculpt’s fat-loss power surpassed other popular body-sculpting techniques, such as cryo-lipolysis, by only about 22.4% fat loss (Emsculpt was an average from nine independent clinical studies conducted between 2009 and 2014).This means that Emsculpt is capable of producing results on most body types, potentially saving you money on other popular treatments in the end.
Currently, the Emsculpt device is FDA-approved for use on the abdomen, arms, calves, and buttocks (the same areas as the original Emsculpt).
After completing the recommended four treatments, patients who want to maximize results should keep a few things in mind.”Diet and exercise are always essential maintenance components of any muscle stimulation and/or fat removal treatment” .A healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen during and after treatment can not only produce more visible results, but also ensure your results last indefinitely.

Post time: Mar-31-2022