Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis Belly Slimming Weight Loss Machine

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Cryolipolysis is more reliable it adopts the latest international cooling technology. There are 4 treatment handles that can work at the same time. They are accurately applied in different areas to meet the needs of customers for weight loss. They have no side effects, good effect, no rebound phenomenon, no scars, no impact on normal work and life, comfortable, non-invasive, non-surgical and strong. No bleeding, bruises, no anesthesia.

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Cryolipolysis is a new non-invasive method, which can gently and effectively reduce the fat in the target area of the body, so as to significantly reduce the fat in the treatment area. Since triglycerides in fat will be converted into solid at extremely low temperature, it uses cooling technology to selectively target fat bulge, eliminate fat cells through a gradual process, do not damage surrounding tissues, reduce excess fat, contact cooling on the handle surface, adjust skin temperature, protect skin fine structure, and achieve rapid body shaping effect while tightening skin!


In the cryolipolysis process, a specially designed handle is applied to the desired fat reduction area, which has extracted energy (cooling) from the underlying fat tissue without damaging other tissues. During the treatment process, the applicator provides precisely controlled cooling conditions, selectively targets fat bumps, and eliminates fat cells through a gradual process. When fat cells are exposed to a specific cooling temperature, they trigger a natural removal process that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And the fat cells in the treatment area are gradually eliminated through the body's normal metabolic process, thereby eliminating unnecessary fat.


Treatment Site:

Belly fat reduction:Beer belly,postpartum fat

Waist abdomen tightening:Not only fat reduced but also firming the sagging skin.Get a perfect body shape

Arms reduction:Butterfly sleeve,firmming inner arms

Thigh reduction:Elimination of cellulite,shaping the thigh lines

Buttocks lifting:Lifting the buttocks line




1. Non surgical techniques

2. Cryolipolysis technology is more advanced than lipo surgery technology

3. Popular technologies in Europe and America

4. The latest weight loss technology reduces the fat of the treatment site by 26%

5. The new technology is more advanced than RF and ultrasonic.

6. Eliminate the body fat you want to lose one by one

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company profile
company profile
Beijing Nubway S&T Co. Ltd was established since 2002. As one of the earliest medical beauty equipment manufacturer in laser, IPL, radio frequency, ultrasound and high-frequency technology, we have integrated Research & Development, manu facturing, sales and training in one.

Nubway carries out production according to ISO 13485 standardized processes. Adopt modern management technology and streamlined manufacturing process, as well as a professional team responsible for production supervision, ensures high efficiency and high quality of production.

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