3000W Vertical diode laser 808NM hair removal machine

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The best laser hair removal machine is a semiconductor laser hair removal device. It uses high-energy continuous semiconductor lasers to realize the conversion of electricity, light and heat to complete the treatment of diseases. It is a laser treatment product integrating laser technology, electronic technology, computer technology and medical technology.

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3000W Vertical (1)

This is our latest three-band diode laser machine, which is safer, painless, comfortable and permanent. It can treat all skin types and hair of all colors, the machine is 3000w, the power of the handle is 600W-2000W, multiple spot sizes are optional, and it can be used 100 million times for a long time. Our machines have many advantages, which are better than others, such as machine housing design, perfect cooling system, superior advantages, and processing interface.

3000W Vertical (2)

Features of this permanent diode laser hair removal machine:
1. Fast:
With multiple spot sizes and 10 HZ repetition rate, the smart mode enables the fastest treatment speed, thereby saving more time for treatment.

2. Effective:
3000W powerful power supply, stable output power

3. Safe and painless:
We use dual TEC water tank cooling system and TEC sapphire handpiece, so you can use the machine for 24 hours. The TEC cooling system is used for sapphire handpieces at 0-10°C, so that the treatment is always comfortable.

4. Easy-to-operate interface:
For the user's automatic intelligent mode design, we have made different presets for different body parts, genders and skin types, so that even new users can easily operate the machine.

3000W Vertical (3)

The diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser penetrates the surface of the skin to reach the root of the hair follicle; the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat-damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss is regenerated without damaging the surrounding tissues. The use is perfect, the pain is light, and the operation is simple. It is currently the safest permanent hair removal technique.

3000W Vertical (4)

808nm laser hair removal application:

Armpit hair removal & arm hair removal
Facial hair removal
Chin and lips hair removal
Remove beard & legs
Breast hair removal
Bikini hair removal

company profile
company profile
company profile
Beijing Nubway S&T Co. Ltd was established since 2002. As one of the earliest medical beauty equipment manufacturer in laser, IPL, radio frequency, ultrasound and high-frequency technology, we have integrated Research & Development, manu facturing, sales and training in one.

Nubway carries out production according to ISO 13485 standardized processes. Adopt modern management technology and streamlined manufacturing process, as well as a professional team responsible for production supervision, ensures high efficiency and high quality of production.

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